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Business Crisis Control and Workout

In many cases, the attorneys at Ziulkowski & Associates can quickly identify areas of crisis for our clients and establish a voluntary crisis control and workout program with your creditors to avoid Bankruptcy and keep your business operational. In the process, we will completely restructure your corporate debt and position your company for a rapid return to profitability. This will enable your business to reap most of the benefits of a bankruptcy filing without suffering the drawbacks and expense of this protracted process. However, in some instances debt workout and restructuring are simply not possible. In those cases, our attorneys can help you with winding down the corporation and if necessary, represent the business in bankruptcy proceedings.

At Ziulkowski & Associates, PLC, our objective will be to restore both your ”bankability” and profitability by reshaping your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss. We achieve this through the settlement, reduction and liquidation of excessive debt, including disputed claims.

Some of the areas we address in our process include:

  • Debt Management and Reduction
  • Financial Workouts and Turnarounds
  • Voluntary Liquidation as an Alternative to Bankruptcy
  • Restructuring of Real Estate Assets
  • Receivable Financing and Collection
  • Contract Negotiation & Resolution
  • Loan Qualification
  • Sale/Merger of Business
  • Current & Long Term Debt
  • Funding Services
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Discontinued Operations [Ensuring a profitable disposal of loss making operations]